FALL OF MAN - Out Now on Thrill Jockey

Sep 20 2015

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Fall of Man is out now here :::: http://www.thrilljockey.com/thrill/Holy-Sons/Fall-of-Man#.Vf91xJeJJu8

'The Fact Facer'

Oct 6 2014

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The new one is out now on Thrill Jockey :: Get it here ::


Lost Decade II out now // New Album TBA!

May 29 2014

Lost Decade II is out here ::


..hard copies can still be ordered here but they are limited ::


We're also prepping an announcement for a brand new record that's been in the works for 4 years now! -- We're setting up track previews and some more shows now,, look for more info on the HolySons facebook page // ...for now check out the live show with Duncan Trussell and Dan Harmon I did last week in LA ::: 10-4



Nov 19 2013

Ever since moving to NYC I've been digging thru several boxes of tapes in a mission to re-assess over a thousand songs that I'd largely forgotten about - while the intent was largely therapeutic at first, tons of songs reappeared that I actually enjoy listening to!- ..we've already got 2 releases entering the mastering phase that separately encapsulize the 90's & the 00's and we're preparing to announce the first LP, "Lost Decade II" on Chrome Peeler Records in the next few weeks- The mission was to make something that could stand beside the original Lost Decade in era & quality but offer some different vibes... Over the next year I should be able to release up to 3 different records sketching out the most unheard corners of the 'dorm room years' ('95-'99), and the terrifying '00s..- ..after these first two records get finished up I'll be wrapping up the newest HolySons record,, all new material meant to serve as a darker equivalent to epics like Gene's Clark's 'No Other' or Dennis Wilson's 'Pacific Ocean Blue' - ...so as we move into 2014 we'll be able to put foward new representations of 3 different decades... STOKED // I should have a track, artwork or a video to drop pretty soon >> KILLER 10-4

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WARM COALS bonus tracks::

May 4 2013

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"My Only Warm Coals" will be out on April 23rd on Important Records.
..here's the first bonus/unreleased track from it ::

and the 2nd ::: ..recorded in 1997 in Asheville, NC on 2 tape-recorders.

and the 3rd ::: ...recorded in Portland in 2006 on a cassette 4-track.


Dec 24 2012


Oct 21 2012

..the swirling chaos which was the Om Advaitic Euro tour into the Australian Grails Black Tar trip has just ended and I'm about to get on a plane to Savannah Georgia in search of the center of the cyclone after being stranded in LA and assaulted in Sydney - after tons of tireless work in a dimly lit tower somewhere south of more illustrious circumstances, the dust is finally settling on the upcoming releases again... > some of you have already gotten Black Tar 5 at the AU shows and the pre-orders have most likely already been shipped out -

WARM COALS is receiving a hard street date in APRIL from Important Records,,, this is seriously final and the master is handed in! - it feels like it took 20 years to make this record and it basically did as HolySons is now officially 20 years old this year - in keeping with Criminal's Return and Drifter's Sympathy the layout is done in the same well loved & timeless CD/digipak format,,, I'll post the artwork soon as its in the running for best layout yet --
..we're now moving back to issuing Decline of the West Vol.II on LP w/downloads not too long after on an avant-garde label called Chrome Peeler Records - I'm re-tooling the sequence now and amping up its bitching level to barn-burning status or some such extreme-heat rating -
..there will be some random crossover of eras across all these records for sure as the songs come from many different periods of distress,,, but ultimately there's enough material to make a Decline Vol. III,, a new comp of super old-school lo-fi (which will be particularly fun & hard to assemble),, and a brand new hi-fi record that features all the most vicodin'ed out ballads yet,,, there is no end to the fevered documentation! -- although it had appeared like HolySons had slowed down,, that was just a distraction before the ultimate spiritual sucker punch that will put a stern foot down thru the pantheons of non-documentation that have threatened to out-pace the true charms of the HolySons virus -
If I seek out more small labels to help unveil this museum of dread & personal power ceremonies, the records will come out faster,, but we also have to look at potential touring options to re-ignite the live band and synchronize a couple of these releases with hypothetical tours -

..next up is the Om East Coast tour in Nov. & then it looks like I'll be in NYC working on a soundtrack in Jan. before Om goes West,,,, we're just finishing up the 2nd Lilacs & Champagne record now and its a moody graveyard lurker with fangs fer sure //// excellent 10-4

Washed Out..

Aug 25 2012


Jul 16 2012


- ..just got home from finishing up a new Scout Niblett record for Drag City,, 'tis killer..

- ..Grails' Black Tar Vol. 5 mixes are being cleaned up for mastering in the coming week..

- ..Holy Sons' Warm Coals Expanded ('94 to '04) is being mastered currently...

- ..The new Om record comes out 8 days from now on Drag City,, east coast tour dates have been announced..

- ..Lilacs & Champagne now has 2 different bodies of work we're trying to suss out for Mexi Summer..

- ..The original Decline of the West Vinyl repress will be available in a couple months,, 200 copies... as you can see by the image above its the original tracklist that includes the Sebadoh cover & not the expanded edition..

- ..Decline Vol.II in a nutshell::: ...as we've got a lot of Om touring in front of us and Grails is now going to Australia in October,,, HolySons touring has been delayed for a bit which temporarily grounds Decline Vol.II ... as we roll towards 2013, I'm putting aside all the old 4-track stuff that wasn't included on the Expanded Warm Coals for a vinyl release next year... my instincts are telling me to break off some of the oldest Decline Vol.II stuff for this vinyl release & separate all the newest material into a 'new' record... that potentially renders the title "Decline Vol.II" meaningless... but because most of this stuff ends up being ruled by the politics of money and deadlines, we'll just have to wait and see what concrete options appear to house all of this material... as of right now//high on whiskeys,, it makes more sense to compartmentalize older stuff to the vinyl comp. for next year & then permutate a 'new' holysons record by grouping all the newest high-fi songs together (boil it down is a good example,,, see: http://youtu.be/KYP2CpwOj70 ).... meanwhile it looks like both L&C releases and the Scout record will all be hitting then too >>> that makes 2012 = 5 releases,, 2013 = 4 so far ... excellent 10-4!